The Right Place

Strategically located in Taipei, Taiwan, the Resource Cube is ideally positioned to deliver a wide range of services to our clients. Using our extensive network of service partners throughout south east Asia, we are able to devise and implement branding programs by deploying local resources only when needed. By using Taiwan as a hub, and employing doorstep resources , we can operate regional programs with minimal logistics, travel and risk, delivering results with the lowest financial and carbon cost. With direct and convenient links to almost any country in Asia, we can respond quickly and efficiently to any issues that require the presence of our central management team.

The Right Team

Although newly formed, the Resource Cube team brings you decades of experience in signage and brand program implementation. Our collaborative approach means that we can leverage from a broad base of cultural, operational, design and management expertise, and deliver the highest levels of quality and reliability. All of our service partners have been carefully chosen, and visited by us on a regular basis. Combining our central management team with local resource partners means that you get the best results, with the lowest risk, meaning programs get delivered on time, within budget, and with minimal impact on the environment and resources.

The Right Approach

The Resource Cube is committed to delivering responsible solutions that are environmentally resourceful, efficiently executed and achieve the desired result with the minimum demand on our environment. By having access to manufacturing and management assets in each of our countries, we can keep travel and logistics to a minimum, and reduce activities with a high carbon cost. We guide our clients in making informed decisions about de-centralising and distributing resources over regional programs.

The Right Results

Our clients rely on us to deliver dependable, cost-efficient, well-times and seamless solutions to their brand implementation needs, from site surveys and design schemes through to manufacturing, logistics and installations. In addition to adherence to critical dates, the control of financial and environmental costs is of paramount importance, and the Resource Cube can effectively manage your project across borders without the loss or dilution of quality controls. From a single site, to a regional program spanning borders and cultures, we have the experience, the resources and the know-how to ensure a successful delivery of your project.